Thursday, October 9, 2008

Still Undecided? Probably Not.

Are you bored with this presidential campaign? And still undecided??

Fed up? Sick of these folks? Worn out with it?

If you can’t stand to hear another peep from the candidates, the talking heads, the loud mouths…..but you think you’re still undecided… don’t worry, you’re not. You have decided, but you just don’t know it. When you go into the voting booth, your hand will go to the button that your mind has determined is the right choice for you.

So quit worrying. Right now. Be happy. Tune it out. Think positive thoughts. No need to grind your teeth anymore. Your subconscious mind has made a decision and it just hasn’t told your brain yet. Seriously.

Pay no further attention to the blatherers on TV, the radio, the internet and the newspaper. They are talking to the folks who are dithering with the decision. If you find all of this horribly annoying, then you’ve made up your mind and you just don’t know it.

REJOICE. It’s almost over! Go vote. Your subconscious will guide your hand.


Annie Presley
Political Blogster
The McKellar Group

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