Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Is This Chick For Real?

Is this Chick for Real?

Wondering about Sarah Palin? When was the last time a gazillion people were inspired by one person’s speech? JFK? Martin Luther King? A great sermon? Think about it. How many boring speeches have you suffered…far too many! Regardless of whether or not you agreed with the content of her speech, she’s a natural. The delivery. The timing. The gestures. The smiles.

The bigger question is whether or not she can keep up the pace. Presidential politics is a test of fortitude, and the next 65 days will be grueling. Already she has replicated her success for crowds in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio and Virginia. She has engaged an otherwise sleepy electorate in needed debate. Sarah Palin is much more than a smart woman, she is a refreshing new voice in national politics.

Annie Presley
Political Blogster
The McKeller Group

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